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Based out of Houston, Texas.  Caleb has, according to a worldwide following, consistently produced music that "push the matters and boundaries of the heart." 


Singer/Song-Writer/Guitarist/Caleb Lovely



News & Updates

Working on the New Record.  we're in final stages of tracking and beginning stage of Mixing. 


New Single Release!! I love this song with every fiber of my being! be sure to pick in up on iTunes and other digital retailers world wide. 

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“I got dreams of making it better than before. Dreams of me and dreams of you swinging on the porch. Dreams that know us and dreams that don’t. I don’t know what distance does but I tell you Love, distance don’t know us

-Caleb Lovely

They’re not the type of lyrics you would expect to hear from an artist from a blue collar town like Morgantown, Wv. But that’s how Caleb Lovely writes songs. They come from his heart, spontaneously and fueled by emotion. He writes cause he needs to.  His audience connects because it's sincere and believable, honest and true, relatable and intimate and incredibly catchy. His songs are breaking down the barrier between artist and audience. 

From birth it was clear music would be a huge part of Caleb’s life. He grew up in a musical household, both of his parents were singers who met while performing with Tops In Blue in the Air Force. Caleb spent most of his early childhood slinging fake guitars around the house whilst getting down to Vince Gill and spent his sundays singing in the Kid’s choir at a local baptist church. But singing wasn’t enough for Caleb, not after he saw a Gibson Les Paul being played magnificently in a music video. He knew at that moment that he was destined to be a guitar player and share his songs with the world. before He knew it, it was Caleb’s 12th birthday and there was a gift from his Parents...his first electric guitar.

After about a month of lessons, Caleb quickly began to teach himself how to play guitar and spent his middle/high school years in Pittsburgh, PA, Brookhaven, MS and Rochester, MN dedicated to becoming a better player, writing songs and learning to play bass, drums and piano. After graduation and a short stint at West Virginia University,he focused on music full time, playing live shows as an acoustic solo act and with his band consisting of Cam Marbuger, Peter Wilson and Joe Cataneo. They quickly developed a strong fan base and began headlining regularly around the Pittsburgh area and at other venues in the region. They’ve also shared the stage with artists like Marc Broussard, Edwin McCain, Amos lee, Dashboard Confessional, Tyrone Wells, Rooney, Hanson, Alex and Sierra, O.A.R., Andy Grammar, Andy Davis, just to name a few. 

During the 2010 summer Caleb was invited to play acoustic solo shows on the Van’s Warped Tour. While on tour he was writing new songs that would be included on his solo E.P. a few months later. He also released official music videos for two songs from the E.P. “Stay” and Call Me” with each garnering over 100,000 views on his YouTube channel. The videos on his channel have been viewed over 2,400,000 times already and have led to Caleb developing a national and international fan base with fans close to your mother’s back yard and as far away as Australia.

In April 2011 Caleb, entered the recording studio with producer Rick Beato (NeedtoBreathe, Shinedown, Jump Little Children, Tyler Bryant and the shakedown) and began work on new songs that will became the band’s first 6 single release.

2012-2013 has been years of writing with other artists in Tennesse, traveling, touring, growth and solo shows 


2014 Caleb Relocated to Houston Texas and In a short month and a half time began headlining at the medium sized room at the Houston House Of Blues and has been blessed to play legendary Dosey Doe with some class acts. 

Caleb Lovely will be touring extensively throughout the remainder of your life. Look for him shredding a town near you.